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Breaking Generation Curses

My baby is having a baby...

This is my truth...Breaking GENERATION Curses

At 17, I was homeless and pregnant with her At 32, She is giving birth and preparing to purchase a home...

Gave birth with no support

She is surrounded by family and friends who love her sooo much...

I dropped out of school She graduated high school & college...

I had a baby out of wedlock She is married and loving it...

I made soooo many bad choices She is making all the right ones...

As my oldest child...she helped me make choices to love immensely thru good and bad times. How not to allow what happened to me as a child interfere with how to openly love her & her sisters so that they would feel safe and secure with me as their Mom.

Even when I struggled to put food on the table, clothing on my children's bodies, and a roof over their heads...I didn't give up!!! My children witnessed all of it and yet they TURNED OUT AMAZING!!! I am soo blessed that my daughters are full of love, life and laughter.

As I enjoy her Safari Baby Shower...I look around and see my babies, my brother and sisters, my mom and my daughters' families and friends...pure joy and my heart is warm!!! I swear... I'M A SUPER PROUD MAMA BEAR!!!

Cannot wait to meet my grandson, Kairo...1st boy!!!

Thank you, God!!! YOU DID THAT!

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