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Community Events & Public Speaking

The PURPLE GALA is an annual community event held to support and honor both Advocates and Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. Guest speakers, awards, poetry, music, food, desserts, silent auction and more...

Proceeds of the PURPLE GALA benefits local domestic violence non-profit organizations that focus on the concern of those dealing with intimate partner violence.

Domestic violence occurs when a person uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, stalking, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or economic issues to control another partner in a relationship. Domestic violence can be a single act or a pattern of behavior in relationships, which encompass dating, marriage, family and roommate relationships.

Community service, events, and public speaking continue to play crucial roles in bringing families and communities together in contemporary society. In the post-modern era, these activities remain vital for fostering social cohesion, collaboration, and empowerment. She Did That Events and She Did That Community Advocate Foundation serves as essential pillars for bringing families and communities together in the post-modern era. These activities facilitate social interaction, cultural exchange, and civic engagement, fostering solidarity, resilience, and empowerment within families and across communities.

  • Purple Gala for Intimate Partner Violence Awareness

  • Cutthroat Kitchen Columbia for Hunger Awareness

  • Diamonds in the Rough Fashion Show for Domestic Violence Survivor Awareness

  • And more...

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